Reliability Technology-WERTEK MG

The Why and How

Wertek MG
"To produce instruments based on ultrasound to detect failures on the electrical network, bearings, and high pressure air or gas leaks, trying to always give our customers the best value and quality at affordable prices
Products and Services:
An instrument that transforms ultrasound to audible sound, and the main advantage is that it does not require a lot of training to detect problems, and the Ultrasound Maintenance Online webpage, on which we will serve as a social maintenance network, where you can upload your readings, analyze them with mathematical software and Artificial Intelligence, you can also share your recordings with other experts, and make reports with your information
Hardware made with microprocessors, I based the conversion of ultrasound by using a CODEC device to process high quality audio, and processing it, and that is the main core of the instrument. For the webpage we are based on Javascript and we will use Python to make the artificial intelligence to diagnose the sounds.
The Market
The market for Predictive Maintenance globally for 2022 is of more than 6 Billion USD, and is increasing by 25% every year. Our main objective is the entry level companies that are beginning to implement a predictive maintenance program, that represents a 66% of the universe, and we are focusing on America, that represents a 30% of the factories in the world, giving us a market of 1.2 Billion USD
Distribution Channels:
We work as a manufacturer, having two main distribution channels, first, a brand label customer who wants to buy only the electronic board, who already has bought 300 pieces, and second, almost one hundred of distributors leads that we are talking to represent our brand in their region, of which the 15% has confirmed interest to get in the distribution list. Also, we plan to sell a membership to get in our platform, to use the ultrasound maintenance webpage.
We have advantages against our competitors, after comparing the average product of every competitor on our price level, they do not have the ability to record and reproduce sounds, they cannot have a real time graph on the device, and they cannot tune the frequencies to avoid competitive noises, whis is key for identifying root problems
We have more than 40 years of experience in the field and selling products on this market.
With a Bachelor degree on Systems and Electronics, an Executive MBA, and more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, selling and developing technologies for the industry, on different fields, as automation, control systems, predicive maintenance, among others.
Hugo has been working as VP of Business Development on the main companies that sells ultrasound instruments for predictive maintenance, and he has a strong and reliable network of connections to generate a well developed distribution channel in America and Europe.